Love Me Madly: The Reviews

Love Me Madly hits home on all fronts – relationships, family, addiction, powerlessness and hope. Resa's writing is vivid, clever and most of all, real.”

- Wendell Collins, Princeton Online & author, Widow's Walk and Other Stories

Love Me Madly is a brutally honest, raw, and wonderfully optimistic memoir. Resa Goldberg takes us on a heartfelt adventure as she searches for meaning in both life and, more importantly, in love.”

- Samantha Vérant, author of Seven Letters from Paris: A Memoir

“I found Love Me Madly to be a deeply important book, and a must-read for women, but also for teens who have endured trauma, and parents of daughters. Let Resa Goldberg's story be a cautionary tale, but also a story full of hope.”

- Karsen Price, Editor of Today's Charlotte Woman magazine

“A ripped from real life story detailing a woman's journey from early sexual abuse to an adult slowly but surely developing self-awareness that created change in positive new directions. A compelling read!"

- Lauren Wilkinson-Barnes, author of Smashed To Pieces and Piece By Piece

“The pain, fear, low self-esteem and the desired to be loved are behaviors that many experience after horrific sexual assault and domestic violence at such a young age, but Resa shows us that happiness and peace are obtainable.

- Jennifer C. Foxworthy, Founder & CEO Inspirationally Speaking, LLC and the Unstoppable You Women's Conference and Retired U.S. Navy Veteran.

Love Me Madly is the touching story of how one woman's love of adventure branches from a desire to survive after events from her childhood left her feeling broken. It's a relatable story about how our pasts can mold us and teach us but neither have to define nor hinder us. Goldberg searches for love and meaning in many places before finding it within. At times tear-inducing, at times laugh-out-loud funny, you won't want to put this engrossing memoir down until you learn how it ends.”

- Adrienne Rhodes, author of Match.bomb: A Twenty-Something's Exploits with (mostly) Online Dating

“Both devastating and hopeful, Love Me Madly is filled with laughter, unimaginable heartache, and dogged determination, Goldberg encourages women to never give up in their quest to find a compassionate love for themselves and a “mad” love between one another.”

- Christopher McCarthy, PhD, LPC

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