"She kickstarted his copy--definitely a pro move!"

Resa Goldberg portrait
Resa is a nationally published writer, editor, author and entrepreneur.

  • Resa’s background is business reporting and writing for major newspapers and magazines owned by American City Business Journals, Inc.
  • Her passion is capturing the clients voice in every piece of content she crafts
  • Her promise is to utilize her experience, creativity and tenacity to organically increase website traffic and boost brand recognition

Whether it’s writing persona messaging for a mortgage company’s marketing campaign, a clear description of a technical service on a plumber’s website or a blog entitled, “How to Make Email Marketing Magic and Blow Your ROI Through the Roof,” she’s got you covered.


  • SEO-optimized blogs
  • Website copy
  • Case studies
  • Social media posts
  • Marketing messaging
  • Sales materials
  • Content editing
  • Content strategy
  • Book editing
  • Speaking engagements

Degrees, Certifications and Skills

  • Master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Georgia
  • Inbound Marketing Certification from HubSpot
  • Microsoft Office, Hootsuite, Constant Contact

Now Available...

Love Me Madly: A MemoirLove Me Madly is not a book about bad dates; nor is it a tale of grief and woe about a two-year trauma Resa suffered in a small, drug-infused North Carolina mill town in 1982. Mostly, it is about the slow, painful progress she made toward realizing how those events during her teenage years impacted how she related to men as a result. She covers her failed marriage, debilitating migraines and a slew of faulty suitors and dating disasters ranging from frightening to hilarious. Through close relationships with her children, conversion to Judaism, intense therapy, her saving grace, Alanon, and too many kayaking trips to count, she became a successful writer and editor and a woman who is finally healthy, confident and content with herself and her life.

Published by Moonshine Cove Publishing, LLC

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Contact Resa at resagoldberg@gmail.com for information about booking her for a speaking engagement.

Love Me Madly Excerpts

Here is an excerpt from Resa's book, Love Me Madly: A Memoir.

The kiss was definitely imminent.

I was on my first home-based date with Dylan, A.K.A. Airplane Man: A steaming hot late July afternoon at a local restaurant. Patio couch. Two hours of vacation talk and a couple glasses of wine later, he began inching towards me. I could see his lips moving, saying something about Sevilla, but all I could think about was how his lips would feel on mine. Not talking. This was a HOT date.

For most people, the date would have ended up in bed, but because I'm not very proficient at casual sex, I kept him at bay. I let him know: just kissing, ok?

He called me again, asked me out on Tuesdays for Saturdays, and took me on respectable dates, going to nice restaurants and shows. The chemistry was definitely there, but the momentum was slowing down for me, due to his lack of communication between dates. Yes, he was busy weeknights playing in a volleyball league, organizing poker nights and taking guitar lessons, all punctuated by a trip to places like Peru or India. But seriously, how long does it take to shoot off a "Hello – thinking about you" text?

I finally gathered that Dylan did not want a girlfriend. He was just hoping for a good Saturday night sex date. And suddenly it seemed we had nothing in common at all. He sprinted away, just another guy whose indubitable agent of communication is the one between his legs. Disappointing, sure. And of course, had things worked out between us, telling my friends that we met on an airplane on our way overseas would have held a certain cache.

But then, every day can't be a vacation.

Check back soon to read another excerpt.