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Love Me Madly: A MemoirLove Me Madly is not a book about bad dates; nor is it a tale of grief and woe about a two-year trauma Resa suffered in a small, drug-infused, North Carolina mill town in 1982. Mostly, it is about the slow, painful progress she made toward realizing how those events during her teenage years impacted how she related to men as a result. She covers her failed marriage, debilitating migraines and a slew of faulty suitors and dating disasters ranging from frightening to hilarious. Through close relationships with her children, conversion to Judaism, intense therapy, her saving grace, Alanon, and too many kayaking trips to count, she became a successful writer and editor and a woman who is finally healthy, confident and content with herself and her life.

Published by Moonshine Cove Publishing, LLC

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Book Launch Event

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The Love Me Madly: A Memoir Book Launch took place on August 27, 2015, drew more than 30 people, raised more than $100 in cash, plus donations for Safe Alliance and SOLD OUT of books! Yay! Thanks so much to everyone who attended for their generous time and support.

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Love Me Madly Excerpts

Here is an excerpt from Resa's book, Love Me Madly: A Memoir.

I blame it all on the fact that I was voracious reader. That way, my explanation for being boy crazy had an air of legitimacy, a more noble intention, even if the end result was the same. Being 13 is tough for any kid, but my onset of puberty had begun years before, when I had devoured all of Judy Blume's novels, including the sexually-explicit Forever. I moved on to Barbara Cartland romance novels, and then proceeded to read every single book--on a myriad of topics-- on my parents' shelves, age appropriate or not.

In the 6th grade (which was still in the elementary school back then), I crouched in the dirt with my book du jour, while the kids in my class played kickball. The smell of the spring flowers was so pungent, the sky so blue and I could feel the weak sun gaining strength and warming my skin. Something was going to happen. Something big. I wasn't sure what or when but I could feel it in the air, in every part of my body. I felt like I might explode the anticipation was so intense. I was the Cheerwine inside the can ready to be popped; the sweet candy bursting at the pinata's seams; the kid waiting to open a bounty of Christmas gifts under the twinkling tree; and the beginning of a song that builds into a guitar-crushing crescendo. I was the pearl diver who holds her breath for an impossible length of time, dreaming of her prize.

By the time I hit 13 in 1980, I was convinced that love was the remedy to my restlessness; the effervescence from the just opened soda; the satisfying, electrifying thrum of the music when it starts rocking really good; it was the answer. To what I wasn't sure, but I fantasized about it and craved it and began looking beyond books for it.

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